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Ride my Snowboard

Hike the Mountains

Kiteboard the Ocean

Whenever it’s time to decide where I want to live, work and play at least one of my addictions leads the result.

Finding the place with the deepest and driest snow in the winters. Hiking mountains to discover the most remote and beautiful places. Spending summers where the wind is blowing consistently over the ocean.

This Blog is all about my adventures and the stories behind my daily life and travels. With Adventuresome SOUL I want to develop something that inspires you to get out there, adventure, explore, discover, take off & figure things out and find stories which give your adventures a soul; more than only the check on your bucket list.

It’s not another page to gather information about where to find the cheapest hostels, which is the best way to get to somewhere, where are best deals. There is already tons of it in the internet which in my opinion sometimes makes it hard to have genuine adventures.

About me, Mel.

3 years ago I decided to not only live my trips but my whole life with that intention. Go 100% for passion, doing what my heart and intuition tells me and not society. Trust this feeling and figure out my own life concept; try what works and what not instead of just thinking about it and most important to get out there. Spend my days outside, be active and meet people.

I went to school, studied and then worked for 6 years in an office. I liked my life but was always thinking “What if… I quit everything and do what I really feel I should do.” I was stuck overthinking and getting scared more and more to dare it.

This is not what people do, you cannot quit your life and live like a hobo being not even 30 yet, you spent so much time studying – don’t waste it!, how will you ever be able to find a job again with that gap in your CV, you can’t do that, that wouldn’t work, what about the social insurances – you will lose a lot of money and will be screwed when you are old or ill.

And so on. I could list a million reasons why I was struggling and moreover reasons society told me why I would be struggling.

All it took was one vacation in Canada which I dreamt of for a long time but also never made it happen. A snowboard roadtrip in British Columbia, which amazed me so much that I forgot all my worries and did the step into my Plan B. Which turned into Plan A as soon as I started living my new dream life.

And here I am, 3 years later, still alive and pretty content, hurray!

Whatever the reason is you are here – I am very happy to share my adventures with you!