West Coast Trail

~Did you ever do a multiple day hike with camping, bringing food for a week, walking far away from civilization, 75 km long?
-No, you?!
~Not really… The internet says this is not a trail to do first if you never did a multiple day backpacking trip before. “… demands stamina and expertise in hiking and backcountry camping skills. Only competent backpackers…”

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Sunshine Coast Trail Part#5

DAY NINE – Meet the VIP

Mission for today: Don’t get lost girl! I checked a couple times with the GPS but still, when I had to decide if I wanted to go right or left to make a loop around a hill I ended up on the right side even though I was sure I was one the left trail. However, I was again lucky this happened because one hour later I bumped into Eagle Walz.

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Sunshine Coast Trail Part#4

DAY SIX ~ Lost (girl)boyfriends, herbs & chicken pasta.

Upon my arrival I met two guys at the hut who were a little bit baffled as they had lost their girlfriends. The next stretch is an 8km hike with over 1000 metres elevation gain, all the way up to Tin Hat Mountain summit. The girls took an early start, as they knew the boys were much stronger and faster.

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Sunshine Coast Trail Part#3

DAY FOUR ~ Robinson Crusoe likes boat rides on hot summer days.

After a perfect morning on my private little island I (quickly) paddled back to the trail and started walking again. I wanted to make it into the town of Powell River in the AM, have a sandwich at the pub and then take right off again to go up North on the shore of Powell Lake towards Inland Lake to hit the next hut.

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Sunshine Coast Trail Part#2

DAY ONE ~ The Ocean likes her pasta WAY too salty.

The next morning I started my hike on the Sunshine Coast Trail! Kilometre 1 of 180, yaaaay… My pack still not much lighter and I faced a 16km stretch to make it to the first hut at Manzanita Bluffs.