POW ♥ Winter 2015/16

Best thing in the world! Ride my snowboard.

Addicted since 21 years and still falling in love every single winter again. It’s the only thing I am doing since such a long time, it makes me so happy every time again and brought tears of happiness and excitement to my eyes more than anything or anyone else. I feel I had my most intense and happiest moments somewhere on a mountain on my board. The sentence I heard so many times “I am the best version of myself when I am on my snowboard…” is so true for me as well, 100%.

Joy, excitement, beauty, challenge, serenity, contentment, overwhelming vastness, intangibility… It’s hard to put all these emotions in words as they can be so conflictive. Feeling very comfortable, being so much in the flow when trying to grasp the fulfilling joy while riding perfect powder on a perfect pitch, trying to hold on to it, make it last longer to live on it. Heading back up full of adrenaline and anticipation for the next run because there is no way to actually grasp it and really get it with your brain. It just goes right into your heart and makes you feel the happiest being on earth.

But there is the other side aswell. Find yourself in scary situations when it is obvious that mother nature always wins, there is no way you could be stronger than nature forces, they will always have their own timing and logic  – no matter how hard you try to understand, study, and prepare.

But it’s the other time of the year now, waiting season. So this category will be filled later this year even thou I am thinking a lot about snowboarding, all the time. (And I am already excited as HELL for the next season!!!)

In summertime I dream at least once a week of snow and riding, so to feed the dreams, here’s a collection of my best moments from last season, 2015/16. Pretty sure the best season of my life so far. Over 100 days on my snowboard, I literally did not spend a single day without my board on my feet between coming to and leaving Nelson. It was just too good.

First snow in September in the Canadian Rockies, roadtripping with my parents.

First ride in October in Pucón, Chile. Bootpacking up an active vulcano all the way to the crater for 7 hrs to have a 15 min run down. Loved it! Gracias Sarina & Marcello!


Got very excited on my flight back to Canada seeing all the snow. First day of the season in Revy whith friends who gave me a ride to Nelson from Van. Denham very excited!


Once in Nelson, snow-awesomeness was ON! Early-Season-Backside-Shuttles, friends from AK came by, pow every day, touring and seeing everbody from last year. Moving in?! Later…


Very white Merry Christmas


…and a Happy New Year!


Adventure Thursdays with my adventure buddy Marcel. Thanks for the fun mister!! Hot Spring Splitboard Tour…-how much can you hike with a board under your feet?!


After work sunset tours with my favourite mountain family <3


Watching too many Jeremy Jones movies before Adventure Thursday…. getting stuck in a total Whiteout. Ups.


Peak Day!!! Scariest thing I did in a long time, but sooo insane to ride the summit you are looking at all winter.

We were lucky that a guy was up there that day. They were filming him with a drone. Because I got to watch him and two other friends of him I decided to do it as well. I took some screenshots from that video because the drone perspective is SO SICK!

Watch the video, it’s so good! A lot of it is at my favourite mountain in BC <3 (I don’t know that guy who made this video, just know he is a friend of friends. I hope it’s OK to share video and screenshots here. Thanks a lot!)


Before and after work missions with the crew.


Lucky me got a gig at Ymir Backcountry Lodge. Such an awesome place with great terrain for touring (helicopters are nice sometimes thou..)! Thanks Trevor for this experience!


Winter camping & Moonshine tours, I like!!


If you work hard, they let you play hard 😀 Thanks @WH2O for that perfect day with Valhalla PowderCats!!


And back to a very special place with favourite people for the end of the season- Alaska <3


Socks are done, everybody is happy, season is over. I wish it would go on forever. More adventures to come!

Mel • May 17, 2016

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