West Coast Trail #SneakPeek

My best soulmate Mari from Germany wrote down her highlights about the West Coast Trail while I need some more time to write the full story.

Ok, where am I going to start… The whole trip was awesome, hard to pick my favorites!

~~~ My first highlight was before we even started the trail. Standing on the highway, trying to hitch a ride as the sun was already setting behind us. It’s been a looong time since I had so shaky knees. I couldn’t believe how lucky we were when we got a ride with Becky, who took us home to her houseboat and invited us to stay overnight with her. Only because of her we arrived at the trailhead far earlier than all the other people who paid the shuttle bus, yay!



~~~ The delicious food we had; our self-made dehydrated breakfasts, snacks and dinners. So important on the trail! And our happy-we-made-it-to-the-next-camp-drink: hot chocolate or hot apple cider with cinnamon whisky. Yum!



~~~ The beautiful camping spots! Hard to pick a favorite, but the one right next to the waterfall and a dolby surround ocean shore break sound because of the wall we had our tent set up next to is hard to beat. Fun lesson we learned at this site: never forget to hang your food when it’s still light out πŸ˜‰



~~~ Whale watching. The whales playing every night in front of our camps. I really like the idea they were the same every night and followed us … <3



~~~ Mel making fun of a Danger-Sign on the trail 10 seconds before she slipped off the wet cliff and slid towards the ocean on her belly. Haha πŸ™‚



~~~ Sitting in the sun waiting for the tide to go down to be able to climb thru a beautiful cave to continue the trail.

cave 22


~~~ The weather. Not a single raindrop. Even though it would have been fun if we would have been challenged a bit with some mud fights – easy to say that now, not being on the trail anymore.



Mel • August 1, 2016

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