Squamish, kiteboarding in Jurassic Park!

Squamish, the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. Tucked into the crazy rocky and beautiful Costal Mountains, sitting at the northern end of Howe Sound where fresh water from the glaciers merges with the ocean. Mountains, Ocean and Wind. My paradise!

On my days off it’s hard to decide what do. World-class climbing,  mountainbiking, awesome hiking and wind all day!

The Kiteboarding spot is called “The Spit” and pretty much downtown Squamish. If you ever hike the Chief or take the Sea to Sky Gondola, you’ll look right down at the spot and probably see many kites down there.


We are pretty lucky being in the middle of a thermal wind system. I won’t explain the whole system right now as I probably only know half of the facts, but in general this means around 20 knots at The Spit in summer when the sun is out, doing her job with heating up landmasses. The warm air north of Squamish raises up and as pressures likes to equal out, colder air from Vancouver gets sucked up north which makes beautiful wind here at The Spit. Perfect for kiteboarding.

I am sure this is not the perfect and complete explanation of a thermal wind system, but I hope that gives you a basic idea. Important is that the wind is pretty reliable and consistent in the summer months May-September.

Check out the Squamish Windsport Society (SWS)  for more information about the spot and current conditions.

Best school at The Spit is Sea to Sky Kiteboarding. Give Jay a call to join the fun! Instructors are all IKO licensed, Jay works together with North Shore Ski&Board  and just got a whole bunch of new kites to teach with. And he has the best set up at The Spit to hang out for a drink or BBQ after the lesson; check out the sundeck, only for VIP students 😉


Contact me if you wanna learn how to kiteboard but you are not sure if it’s the right thing for you (I’d definately say yes!). I love to teach girls/women and get them into the sport!

Working with the girls <3


Awesome wind, awesome friends and awesome free socks after 8 hrs on the water 😀

There is a lot more besides good Kiteboarding, check out Yoga @The Spit. Yoga with Josee in the morning, outside, surrounded by water and mountains. There is no better way to start the day. And a little kitesession after…


And then there is all the other things in Squamish. If you ever get tired of kiting every day…

And so many more kitespots to explore. Snowkiting in Alaska, Roadtrips to Lake Nitinat, Tofino…. it’s endless. Always bring all your toys!

See you on the water!

Mel • May 17, 2016

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